George Floyd protests: Trump says 'this is a great day for George' as he boasts about new job figures

Fri, 05 Jun 2020 20:46:33 GMT

Czech Republic expels two Russian diplomats over 'made-up information' about attacks

Fri, 05 Jun 2020 19:47:57 GMT

Only 40 per cent of adults in employment left home to go to work in last week, ONS study reveals

Fri, 05 Jun 2020 19:00:00 GMT

Cate Blanchett suffers head injury in lockdown 'chainsaw accident'

Fri, 05 Jun 2020 17:38:13 GMT

US riots: why are there protests over the death of George Floyd?

Fri, 05 Jun 2020 17:18:38 GMT

Travel updates: Britons can avoid quarantine by flying from ‘clean’ airports

Fri, 05 Jun 2020 17:03:13 GMT

Supercar drivers set to be banned from revving engines in village

Fri, 05 Jun 2020 17:00:00 GMT

Friday evening news briefing: 'German Maddie' linked to prime McCann suspect

Fri, 05 Jun 2020 16:29:54 GMT

How do coronavirus home antibody tests work, and how do I get one?

Fri, 05 Jun 2020 16:05:44 GMT

British holidaymakers on alert as Ireland eases lockdown three weeks earlier than scheduled

Fri, 05 Jun 2020 15:35:00 GMT

How many coronavirus cases are in your area? Use our tool to find out

Fri, 05 Jun 2020 14:45:26 GMT

How many coronavirus cases are in the UK - and where are they?

Fri, 05 Jun 2020 14:44:56 GMT

What is coronavirus, how did it start and how big could it get?

Fri, 05 Jun 2020 14:44:15 GMT

Justice Secretary seeks to block decision to release rapist serving life sentence

Fri, 05 Jun 2020 14:27:02 GMT

HS2: Resident loses legal challenge after complaining scheme could cause homes to collapse

Fri, 05 Jun 2020 14:10:39 GMT

When did Madeleine McCann go missing? A timeline of the events

Fri, 05 Jun 2020 13:56:54 GMT

Only a third of dental surgeries will open from Monday, survey reveals

Fri, 05 Jun 2020 13:27:10 GMT

The NHS Test and Trace system, explained

Fri, 05 Jun 2020 12:49:37 GMT

Do I need to self-quarantine for 14 days after travel?

Fri, 05 Jun 2020 12:49:21 GMT

Is your local council ignoring the new lockdown rules?

Fri, 05 Jun 2020 11:29:01 GMT

What are the five levels of coronavirus alert in the UK?

Fri, 05 Jun 2020 10:17:22 GMT

BBC appoint Tim Davie as new director-general to replace Lord Hall

Fri, 05 Jun 2020 10:10:16 GMT

Summer solstice 2020: everything you need to know about the longest day of the year

Fri, 05 Jun 2020 09:38:46 GMT

Coronavirus world round-up: quarantine wars begin as countries attempt to restart tourism

Fri, 05 Jun 2020 08:25:11 GMT

When will non-essential shops reopen and what will the rules be?

Fri, 05 Jun 2020 08:15:00 GMT

GPs surgeries should lead track and trace instead of car park testing, says former WHO director

Fri, 05 Jun 2020 08:07:38 GMT

The Briefing: Sign up for two-minute audio news updates on WhatsApp, Apple, Spotify and Alexa twice a day

Fri, 05 Jun 2020 07:52:26 GMT

Friday morning news briefing: Madeleine suspect was ruled out

Fri, 05 Jun 2020 06:51:26 GMT

Donald Trump uses special coronavirus powers to cut environmental reviews

Fri, 05 Jun 2020 01:31:47 GMT

Emma Watson responds to criticism for her support of George Floyd

Thu, 04 Jun 2020 22:45:13 GMT

Two-year-old boy and mother shot in 'wanton act of indiscriminate violence'

Thu, 04 Jun 2020 21:53:37 GMT

Travel updates: Emirates signals the return of long haul travel

Thu, 04 Jun 2020 16:46:42 GMT

Thursday evening news briefing: We think Madeleine McCann is dead, say German prosecutors

Thu, 04 Jun 2020 16:42:52 GMT

Cricketer who joked about 'dragging the birds back' appeals five-year rape sentence

Thu, 04 Jun 2020 16:29:11 GMT

The coronavirus outbreak around the world, in pictures

Thu, 04 Jun 2020 13:25:53 GMT

What are the travel quarantine rules in Spain, France and other countries?

Thu, 04 Jun 2020 07:55:23 GMT

Coronavirus world round-up: Brazil and Mexico report record daily death tolls 

Thu, 04 Jun 2020 07:05:23 GMT

Shoppers can check which stores are open as lockdown lifts with online tool

Thu, 04 Jun 2020 07:00:00 GMT

Sum up your lockdown experience in one image

Thu, 04 Jun 2020 07:00:00 GMT

Thursday morning news briefing: Madeleine prime suspect revealed

Thu, 04 Jun 2020 06:50:05 GMT

George Floyd protests: Barack Obama calls on US cities to reform police in online broadcast

Wed, 03 Jun 2020 23:01:30 GMT

Donald Trump's former defence chief James Mattis rips 'divisive' president in blistering intervention

Wed, 03 Jun 2020 22:41:21 GMT

London Black Lives Matter protest: 13 people arrested outside Downing Street 

Wed, 03 Jun 2020 20:01:06 GMT

Supreme Court orders retrial of libel case after judges' 'barrage of hostility'

Wed, 03 Jun 2020 18:21:30 GMT

Cards made up more than half of payments 'for first time' last year

Wed, 03 Jun 2020 18:15:00 GMT

Analysis: Why on earth is the Government pursuing such a divisive policy as quarantine?

Wed, 03 Jun 2020 17:48:21 GMT

Travel updates: Cruises around Britain could be on this summer

Wed, 03 Jun 2020 17:24:19 GMT

Wednesday evening news briefing: George Floyd protests reach London

Wed, 03 Jun 2020 16:36:23 GMT

Let George Floyd’s death finally put an end to the black community's agony

Wed, 03 Jun 2020 15:32:23 GMT

Britain in coronavirus lockdown, in pictures

Wed, 03 Jun 2020 14:24:46 GMT

Two people injured in collision in  Sloane Square

Wed, 03 Jun 2020 13:58:22 GMT

Coronavirus Q&A: Will I be able to go on holiday this summer and which countries can I visit?

Wed, 03 Jun 2020 13:29:37 GMT

Kosovo elects new government promising deal with Serbia

Wed, 03 Jun 2020 12:35:23 GMT

'George Floyd is a tipping point, America's black community has had enough': A black mother shares her experience in Minneapolis

Wed, 03 Jun 2020 08:55:32 GMT

Blackout Tuesday: What is it - and why were people posting black squares on Instagram?

Wed, 03 Jun 2020 07:40:59 GMT

Coronavirus world round-up: Special masks enable Bangkok beauty clinic to treat clients

Wed, 03 Jun 2020 07:33:35 GMT

Wednesday morning news briefing: 'We all suffer if we get this wrong'

Wed, 03 Jun 2020 06:46:22 GMT

Italy welcomes back British and EU travelers in attempt to revive key tourism industry

Wed, 03 Jun 2020 02:54:56 GMT

Boris Johnson says 3m people in Hong Kong will get path to British citizenship

Wed, 03 Jun 2020 00:06:06 GMT

Divorce inquiries up 42pc since coronavirus lockdown

Tue, 02 Jun 2020 23:11:21 GMT

Church minister who wrote Sinitta's 'So Macho' wins claim over alleged homophobia

Tue, 02 Jun 2020 18:00:00 GMT

Tuesday evening news briefing: 'Catastrophic' quarantine likely to cause huge job losses say tourism bosses

Tue, 02 Jun 2020 16:38:29 GMT

Travel updates: EasyJet to resume flights to hundreds of destinations

Tue, 02 Jun 2020 16:23:26 GMT

House prices take £4,000 hit in biggest monthly fall in 11 years

Tue, 02 Jun 2020 12:00:00 GMT

Watch: How to make a no-sew, government-approved cloth face mask 

Tue, 02 Jun 2020 10:21:38 GMT

Coronavirus world round-up: arthritis drug may aid coronavirus fight

Tue, 02 Jun 2020 07:19:41 GMT

Tuesday morning news briefing: Quarantine plan rethink

Tue, 02 Jun 2020 06:52:30 GMT

Exercise Cygnus: NHS doctor's legal bid to force Government to release papers on pandemic preparedness

Mon, 01 Jun 2020 20:00:00 GMT

Ultra-grippy shoes created using form of origami by MIT researchers

Mon, 01 Jun 2020 17:54:49 GMT

Monday evening news briefing: Half a million children stuck at home as schools stay shut

Mon, 01 Jun 2020 16:44:41 GMT

Travel restrictions: Airlines call for UK to fall into line on quarantine

Mon, 01 Jun 2020 16:33:17 GMT

Police cannot go into homes to check if lockdown rules are being breached

Mon, 01 Jun 2020 14:49:26 GMT

Hong Kong's Tiananmen commemoration banned by police for first time in three decades

Mon, 01 Jun 2020 14:20:15 GMT

Mayfair jewellers robbed of £4.2m diamonds in Oceans 13-style heist 

Mon, 01 Jun 2020 11:04:25 GMT

Coronavirus world round-up: Travel may be 'impossible', yet holiday bookings climb

Mon, 01 Jun 2020 07:48:30 GMT

Lewis Hamilton slams 'white-dominated' F1 for silence over George Floyd death

Mon, 01 Jun 2020 06:57:45 GMT

Monday morning news briefing: Summer school looms

Mon, 01 Jun 2020 06:47:59 GMT

Secret Service rushed Donald Trump to White House bunker during George Floyd protests, sources say

Mon, 01 Jun 2020 04:37:56 GMT

George Floyd protests: Trump says US will designate Antifa a terrorist organisation

Mon, 01 Jun 2020 00:12:48 GMT

Car dealers tell buyers to book ahead as they prepare to reopen

Sun, 31 May 2020 19:00:00 GMT

Travel updates: Spanish Tourism Minister delivers blow to Britons' summer holiday hopes

Sun, 31 May 2020 16:25:46 GMT

Thomas The Tank Engine narrator Michael Angelis dies suddenly

Sun, 31 May 2020 02:28:06 GMT

Donald Trump says he will delay G7 summit and invite Russia

Sun, 31 May 2020 01:07:12 GMT

We are learning a lot, including how to do it better next time

Sat, 30 May 2020 20:30:00 GMT

Travel updates: 'We won't be treated like a leper colony' – Italy's foreign minister warns

Sat, 30 May 2020 17:05:42 GMT

How the Salisbury poisonings prepared us for a pandemic

Sat, 30 May 2020 05:00:00 GMT

Donald Trump says US is 'terminating' its relationship with the World Health Organisation

Fri, 29 May 2020 20:07:33 GMT

Citydwellers book holiday homes for whole summer, as return to office looks increasingly far-off

Fri, 29 May 2020 20:00:00 GMT

Sage papers: the guidance scientists offered to Government ministers

Fri, 29 May 2020 19:05:43 GMT

Friday evening news briefing: Future of furloughing unveiled by Chancellor

Fri, 29 May 2020 16:43:51 GMT

Travel restrictions: Greece bans British tourists in first phase of international travel

Fri, 29 May 2020 16:23:44 GMT

Strawberries set for bumper summer as record spring helps produce one of biggest crops ever seen

Fri, 29 May 2020 16:15:02 GMT

Ex-bodyguard to James Stunt charged with stealing £515,000 diamond from his home

Fri, 29 May 2020 16:03:36 GMT

Prostate cancer sufferers could be treated with ultrasound to avoid side effects, major study finds

Fri, 29 May 2020 16:03:07 GMT

Marauding monkeys attack lab technician and steal Covid-19 tests 

Fri, 29 May 2020 12:39:39 GMT

Friday morning news briefing: The new lockdown rules

Fri, 29 May 2020 08:27:18 GMT

Minneapolis police arrest CNN reporter on live television during coverage of protests

Fri, 29 May 2020 06:30:17 GMT

Louisville protesters shot while calling for justice for Breonna Taylor

Fri, 29 May 2020 06:04:36 GMT

When will the UK lockdown next be reviewed?

Fri, 29 May 2020 05:38:41 GMT

Court rules release of Queen's secret 'Palace Letters' during Australia crisis

Fri, 29 May 2020 01:50:46 GMT

Daily Express :: UK Feed

Frost hits back at Barnier after furious war of words exchanged as Brexit talks break down

Fri, 05 Jun 2020 22:01:00 +0100

BORIS JOHNSON'S chief negotiator has hit back at Michel Barnier over accusations that Britain is backsliding on the Political Declaration in the Brexit trade talks.

Farage praises Frost for standing up to Barnier – ‘He’s used to having it his own way’

Fri, 05 Jun 2020 15:25:00 +0100

NIGEL FARAGE has praised David Frost for how he has handled Brexit negotiations and for standing up to Michel Barnier.

Coronavirus forecast: Second wave expected to hit with potentially 'devastating impact'

Fri, 05 Jun 2020 12:53:00 +0100

A SECOND WAVE of coronavirus infections could have a potentially "devastating impact" on the UK's economy according to an expert.

Madeleine McCann suspect 'admitted snatching her' as reports emerge he 'scouted apartment'

Fri, 05 Jun 2020 08:51:00 +0100

THE PRIME suspect in the Madeleine McCann case once allegedly confessed to snatching the little girl, as reports claim he scouted out the family's holiday apartment in the days before her disappearance.

Coronavirus map LIVE: UK faces terrifying 'winter like no other' - death toll hits 40,000

Fri, 05 Jun 2020 07:21:00 +0100

THE NHS is facing a "winter like no other" as the health service braces itself for added pressure as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, experts have warned, hours before the nationwide death toll was confirmed to have surpassed 40,000.

Quiz! Try to get full marks in's Friday brainteaser - June 5 2020

Fri, 05 Jun 2020 06:01:00 +0100

THE weekend has arrived again, which means another few days of virtual quizzing with friends and family. Can you get full marks in's Friday brainteaser?

Daily crossword: Play today's Crusader Crossword for free - June 5 2020

Fri, 05 Jun 2020 06:00:00 +0100

LOOKING to play a daily crossword online for free? We have great news - you can now play our world-famous Express Crusader Crossword puzzle every day, for free, right here.

‘Boycott China!’ – 97% tell Boris Johnson to block goods from Beijing and back British

Fri, 05 Jun 2020 21:23:00 +0100

CHINA has come under severe pressure over its handling of the coronavirus pandemic and plans to enforce a new security law in Hong Kong.

‘Fascinating study’ suggests why parents should feel safe sending children back to school

Fri, 05 Jun 2020 20:45:00 +0100

PARENTS should feel reassured in sending their children back to school as the coronavirus lockdown eases, according to the results of a "fascinating" new study.

Nigel Farage delivers 'pleasing' message to Brexiteers after Barnier's attack on Britain

Fri, 05 Jun 2020 19:47:00 +0100

NIGEL FARAGE has delivered a message to Brexiteers as frustration grows in Brussels following the latest round of trade negotiations between the EU and UK.